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Drip Edge Bender - Model T

(Code: Unibieger-420T)
Designed for use on the roof.
Width :
£ 491.00
  1. 1x positioning, 1x bend and its finished. With conventional tools at least 6 work steps with 2 tools are necessary. With UniBieger® it is possible to bend eaves edges in one go - this is eaves edging in a new dimension!

    With 420mm working width, the 420T is a small, handy and flexible drip edge bender.

    • Designed for use on the roof.
    • Precise bend in just one workstep: Each bend accurate in constant quality.
    • Ergonomic design: Fits comfortably in your hand, easy to handle and saves working time.
    • Reproducible Top quality: The UniBieger® Drip Edge Bender Model T is available in 3 different sizes (the most common widths of folding webs) so that every end of a sheet metal web is reproducible - and in absolute top quality.
    • Effective Time saving: The hemming process at the eaves end is done in one step - this saves you a lot of time and money at work.
    • Easy application: Work on an eaves edging is very easy with the UniBieger® and can also be carried out by an inexperienced worker.

    • Width: 420mm
    • Weight: 2.1kg