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Drip Edge Folding Tool

(Code: Malco-DEFT)
Folds the turn at the drip edge of roofing sheets.
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  1. The large 610mm Drip Edge Folding Tool makes quick bends along the drip edge of flat-pan standing seam metal roofing panels. Two rib-reinforced steel plates are permanently welded together to create two folding seams for making 25mm and 38mm deep bends in maximum 0.76mm steel.

    A two-post-design, fiberglass reinforced nylon handle offers durable, lightweight strength and high leverage for working overhead or on a bench.

    • Lightweight strength.
    • Rib-reinforced steel plate construction.
    • High leverage, two post handle design.
    • Bending capacity: 0.76mm mild steel
    • Bending seams: 25mm and 38mm
    • Length: 610mm
    • Weight: 1.66kg
  2. #FAQS#What material thickness will it bend?

    It will bend up to 0.76mm material.

    What materials does that translate to?

    The tool will fold roofing panels, mild steel and it can also be used on galvanized steel for duct work.

    Is there a special technique?

    When bending the drip edge on roofing panels you should have the handle facing toward the finished side of the panel, then bend the edge around until the tool bottoms out on the back side. You can bend the panel either on the roof when it is in place or before it is installed.

    Explain the type of bend that is achievable?

    The finished bend ends up to be approximately 150 degrees, which allows you to finish the seam with a Seamer, Malco’s SG10 and SG11 Seaming Tongs are recommended.

    When is it better to use the DEFT instead of the other style folding tools?

    The DEFT works better then other folding tool when doing drip edges on metal roofing. The handle on the tool provides added leverage to make bending the edge easy. Also the 38mm depth accommodates for the deeper bend that is needed for the drip edge.

    What do you use to finish off the bend after using the DEFT?

    Malco’s Seamer and Tongs, models SG10 (straight) or SG11 (offset) would work the best. The vinyl coated jaws prevent scratching of the paint on the roofing panel. The Seamer and Tongs also have a large opening to allow easy clamping on the bend and seam it without sliding off.
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