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Express Soldering Equipment

Express sheet metal soldering equipment

(Code: Dimos-114860)
Dimos Holder with Brush & BlockAnti-slip
Including: 2 ammonia salt blocks 65 x 45 x 20mm
1 acid cup
1 horsehair brush
Weight: 0.26kg

(Code: Dimos-114829)
Dimos BrushesPack of 2 brushes
Weight: 0.01kg
(Code: Express-409)
Electric Soldering Iron
Complete electric iron suitable for zinc, copper & stainless steel.
Voltage: 220v
Power consumption: 250w
Heating power: 400w
Weight: 1kg
(Code: Express-66278R2)
Soldering Iron
Complete iron with swivel hose.
UK POL screw connection (propane).
Weight: 1.7kg
(Code: Express-6367/8R2)
Soldering Iron with Piezo Ignition
Complete iron with swivel hose & piezo ignition
UK POL screw connection (propane).
Weight: 2.6kg

(Code: Express-364)
Hoseless Soldering Iron
Piezo ignition.
Running time: 45 min / 75 min
Weight: 1.27kg
(Code: Express-6364)
Hoseless Soldering Iron KitHoseless soldering iron.
2 gas cartridges.
1 flux container 100ml.
1 nozzle.
Metal carrying case.
(Code: Express-4500V)
Heat Gun
Automatic ignition.
Adjustable from 400 to 750 deg C
Running time: approx 2 hours
Weight: 0.82kg
(Code: Express-471XA)
Vulcane Hot Air Gun

Enclosed flame hot air burner.
Auto ignition.
Intermittent or continuous flame.
Weight 1.7kg

(Code: Express-444)
Gas Cartridge
Refill for hoseless soldering iron / hot air gun.
Weight: 0.06kg
(Code: Express-445)
Super Gas Cartridge
Refill for hoseless soldering iron.
Maintains iron at a higher temperature.
Weight: 0.06kg
(Code: Express-675)
Soldering Iron Bit
Standard bit.
Weight: 0.22kg
(Code: Express-678)
Soldering Iron Bit
Standard bit.
Weight: 0.26kg
(Code: Express-778)
Turbo Soldering Iron Bit
Enhanced dissipation of heat.
Weight: 0.26kg
(Code: Express-672)
Soldering Iron Bit - Pointed Tip
Standard bit.
Weight: 0.23kg
(Code: Virax-400)
Soldering Iron Bit for Virax Soldering Iron
Pack of 2nr soldering bits for the Virax X100 / X300 soldering iron (not for use with Express)
Weight: 0.81kg
(Image indicative)
(Code: Express-1772)
Long Life Soldering Iron Bit - Pointed Tip
Lasts up to 5 times the life of
a standard bit.
Weight: 0.25kg
(Code: Express-1778)
Long Life Turbo Soldering Iron Bit
Lasts up to 5 times the life of
a standard bit.
Weight: 0.26kg
(Code: Express-2409)
Electric Soldering Iron Bit
Long life replacement bit
Weight: 0.26kg
(Code: Express-36713)
Nozzle - Piezo
To suit piezo soldering iron.
Includes metal container.
Pack of 5nr.
Weight: 0.03kg
(Code: Express-36714)
Nozzle - Standard
To suit standard soldering iron.
Pack of 5nr.
Weight: 0.015kg
(Code: Express-9640)
Holder With Brush and Block
To hold flux and ammoniacal block.
(Code: Express-9641)
Ammoniacal Block
Replacement block for cleaning of soldering iron.
(Code: Express-852)
Cleaning / Tinning Stone
Non-toxic stone for cleaning and tinning soldering iron tips.
(Code: Express-9643)
Brushes (25nr)
Pack of 25 brushes.
(Code: Express-5460)
Spark igniter with 5 nr flints.
Weight: 0.1kg
(Code: Express-5498)
Pack of 5 flints for lighter.
Weight: 0.015kg
(Code: Express-855)
Flux for Zinc & Copper (Organic)
Full organic flux for zinc and copper.
Not for use with open flame.
Size: 320ml
(Code: Express-851)
Flux for Copper
Recommended for copper.
Alternative for natural, oxidised & preweathered zinc & pre-tinned stainless steel.
Size: 320ml
(Code: Express-854)
Flux for Aluminium
Recommended for aluminium
Size: 500g
(Code: Express-840)
Flux for Natural Zinc & Lead
Recommended for natural zinc & lead.
Alternative for copper.
Size: 320ml
(Code: Express-845)
Flux for Oxidised Metals
Recommended for zinc & oxidised zinc.
Size: 320ml
(Code: Express-847)
Flux for Multi Purpose Use
Recommended for oxidised zinc.
Alternative for natural, preweathered & coated zinc, copper & pre-tinned stainless steel.
Size: 1000ml
(Code: Express-850)
Flux for Preweathered Zinc
Recommended for preweathered zinc.
Alternative for natural, oxidised or treated zinc.
Size: 250ml
(Code: Stubai-284201)
Flux Bottle
Anti-spill top.
(Code: Stubai-284203)
Flux Bottle With Brush
Anti-spill top.
Tinmans Solder Stick
Grade: G
Content: 40/60 - tin/lead
Length: 400mm
Weight: O.25kg
Solder wire
Content: 60/40 - tin/lead
Thickness: 3mm
Weight: O.5kg
(Code: FINRD-ZB)
Bristle Brush
Easily removes coatings & weathering from metal.
Type: White (P120)
Size: 75mm Diameter
Weight: 0.05kg
(Code: 3M-PAD-M10)
Backing Pad M10 for Bristle Brush
Connects bristle brush to angle grinder.
Thread: M10
Weight: 0.1kg
(Code: 3M-PAD-M14)
Backing Pad M14 for Bristle Brush
Connects bristle brush to angle grinder.
Thread: M14
Weight: 0.1kg