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Freund Seaming Pro

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  1. The new folding machine Seaming Pro offers 3 functions in only one device! It makes no difference whether you are working on the roof or on the facade; our Seaming Pro always provides the highest level of comfort and a noticeable facilitation in sheet metal processing.

    1 Device for 3 Applications
    • Creation of double standing seams - in just one work step.
    • Creation of single standing seams.
    • Cutting off the old seam.

    Why Seaming Pro?
    • More profit for you and your customers.
    • Easy to use.
    • Premium results.

    The Advantages
    • Fast: Creates double standing seams in just one work step - at 8m to 12m per minute.
    • Wireless: Simply attach your standard cordless screwdriver to one of two holders (roof or facade).
    • Problem-solving: Can be unlatched and latched into the seam,
    • Flexible: Quick modification to the different functions.
    • Time-saving: No need to pre-seam or seam with square seam folder or twin square seam folder.
    • Height adjustable: Seam height can be modified from 25mm to 32mm.
    • Universal: You can process copper, zinc and aluminum up to 0.7mm, galvanised or colored steel up to 0.6mm, as well as stainless steel up to 0.5mm.

    Included: Seaming Pro equipped with forming rolls of hardened steel, holder for cordless screwdriver incl. fastening screws, rubber coated drive rolls (assembled), cutting rolls, track rollersfor 25mm (assembled) and 32mm seams, plus allen wrench & transport box.
    • Copper, zinc & aluminum capacity: 0.7mm
    • Galvanised steel capacity: 0.6mm
    • Stainless steel capacity: 0.5mm
    • Working speed: 8m - 12m per min
    • Seaming height: adjustable from 25mm to 32mm
    • Dimensions: 300mm x 200mm x 140mm
    • Weight: 6.5kg
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
And excellent, very easy to use tool. Much faster than what we were using.
Katrina M.