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(Code: BUS-0600)
£ 1,575.00
Buschmann Double Falz SeamerThe Double Falz Seamer is the perfect hand-held equipment for precise and effortless seaming of single and double standing-seam in one operation.

(Code: BUS-0500)
£ 1,381.50
Buschmann Falz Seamer II
Closes single & double lock seams on straight & curved panels.

(Code: BUS-0400)
£ 981.00
Buschmann Falz CutterFor double-lock standing seam metal roof dismantling.
(Code: PAS-013690)
£ 25.29
Paslode IM45 Coil Nailer Gun Cleaning Kit Bespoke kit to clean impulse tools.
(Code: JOU-PCX2040A )
£ 3,479.00
Jouanel PCX Steel Folding MachineManual folding machine with roller shear, foot pedal, guiding rail and wheels.
(Code: JOU-PCA2040)
£ 4,134.00
Jouanel PCA Aluminium Folding MachineLight manual folding machine with roller shear, back gauge and guiding rail.
£ 462.50
Fein ASCM 18v QM Cordless Drill / Driver4-speed cordless drill (suitable for Falzseamer)
Fein ASCM 18v QM cordless drill / driver set

(Code: IM45-P1)
£ 699.00
Paslode IM45 Coil Nail Gun, Spare Battery and Cleaning Kit

Premium, next generation, cordless coil nailer for metal roofing.


(Code: IM45)
£ 689.00
(-1.45%) £ 679.00
Paslode IM45 Coil Nail Gun

Premium, next generation, cordless coil nailer for metal roofing.

(Code: MSL-Sitemate-2000)
£ 2,654.00
MSL Site-Mate 2000 Folding MachineThe most advanced bender for site use!
(Code: Dimos-084745)
£ 10,058.69
Dimos Dipro P4600 Standing Seam Profiler

Lightweight profiling machine for the standing seam system, suitable for all metals including coated metals.

(Code: Malco-TSNS1)
£ 223.13
In Stock
TurboShear NS1 Slate Cutter
Cuts natural roofing slate.
(Code: Dimos-082001)
£ 282.76
Dimos Mini Decoiler
 Lightweight decoiler.
(Code: KULI-100SET)
£ 1,995.00
Kuli 100 Decoiler with AccessoriesComplete with coil rail with coil holder plus shear & length measuring device.