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Glasgow Products

(Code: 40x40x35VVC2400)
£ 7.94
Vac-Vac Timber Chamfered Batten RollSize: 40mm x 40mm x 35mm (approx)
Length: 2.4m
(Code: 45X45X35VVR2400)
£ 9.78
Vac-Vac Timber Round Batten RollSize: 45mm (approx)
Length: 2.4m
(Code: NE-HSS)
£ 2.78
NedZink Head Seam SliderFor terminating a standing seam at an abutment.
(Code: NZ-PERF-1x2000x1000)
£ 49.39
Perforated Natural Zinc
(Code: NZ-ZZP)
£ 26.78
Flux for Preweathered NedZinkFlux for preweathered NedZink.
(Code: 142201)
£ 34.24
Paslode IM45 25mm Stainless Nail & Fuel Pack

ř 2.8mm full head nails in length 25mm.

(Code: SC120090)
£ 9.73
GreenCoat PLX Pro BT Touch-Up StickContents: 12 ml
(Code: SC-120036)
£ 9.73
GreenCoat PLX Pural BT Touch-Up StickContents: 12 ml
(Code: SC400169)
£ 8.16
Seal & Fix Multi-Purpose Sealant

Elastic MS-polymer-based sealant for bonding and sealing.

(Code: RUST-TIN-750ML)
£ 15.70
Rust-Oleum Nr 1 green paint stripper (tin)Paint stripper for coated materials i.e. GreenCoat PLX.

(Code: MS-FLM)
£ 19.92
Roofinox FLM FluxFlux for stainless steel from Roofinox
Size: 1000ml

(Code: MS-C6x20x50)
£ 83.58
Copper Fixing Strip

For copper / lead roofing & moss prevention.

(Code: CITROL639)
£ 32.05
Citrol Industrial CleanerAll natural, organic citrus based cleaner and degreaser for Glue/ Adhesives ( 1L)

(Code: RA-23011)
£ 72.79
Topclip Aluminium Capping Joint
For jointing of capping systems in zinc, aluminium etc.
(Code: Express-445)
£ 5.02
Super Gas Cartridge
Refill for hoseless soldering iron, maintains iron at a higher temperature.

(Code: Express-9640)
£ 11.64
Holder With Brush and Block
To hold flux and ammoniacal block.
(Code: Express-9641)
£ 2.37
Ammoniacal Block
Replacement block for cleaning of soldering iron.
(Code: Express-852)
£ 10.64
Cleaning / Tinning Stone
Non-toxic stone for cleaning and tinning soldering iron tips.
(Code: Express-9643)
£ 11.75
Brushes (25nr)
Pack of 25 brushes.
(Code: Express-851)
£ 11.87
Flux for CopperComplete mineral flux.