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Glasgow Tools

(Code: Unibieger-420W)
£ 472.00
(-9.96%) £ 425.00
Drip Edge Bender - Model WDesigned for use on the wall or workbench.

(Code: FRE-01691400)
£ 32.21
Freund Grooving HammerOne vertical face, one horizontal face.
(Code: Dimos-216000)
£ 416.85
(-10.00%) £ 375.17
Dimos B19 Edge Bender
A durable and solid roller bender made of a stainless steel body and anodised aluminium parts. 
(Code: Dimos-195610)
£ 397.24
Dimos Pipe Expander

Expands pipe ends to enable the fitting of pipes.

(Code: Dimos-175523)
£ 20.53
Dimos Combination SnipsFor continuous, straight and curved cuts.
(Code: Dimos-175552)
£ 23.04
Dimos Pelican SnipsFor long, straight and continuous cuts.
(Code: Dimos-195420)
£ 24.50
Dimos Hammer TackerEnables fast stapling in one easy action.
(Code: Dimos-195424)
£ 9.72
Dimos Staples 10mm x 5000nr5000 x 10mm staples for Dimos Hammer Tacker.
(Code: Dimos-215599)
£ 30.32
Dimos Small Curved Seaming Pliers 22mmEnables the folding of sheet metal with increased leverage.
(Code: Dimos-215533)
£ 35.05
Dimos Bent Seaming Pliers 45 DegreeEnables the folding of sheet metal with increased leverage.
(Code: Dimos-215573)
£ 48.63
Dimos Bent Seaming Pliers 90 Degree 60mmEnables the folding of sheet metal with increased leverage.
(Code: Dimos-215591)
£ 58.39
Dimos Round Nose PliersUsed for the finish when shaping the standing seam.
(Code: Dimos-215519)
£ 92.45
Dimos NotcherNotching tool designed to prevent tearing of the metal at the start and end of the cut.
(Code: Dimos-215587)
£ 34.64
Dimos Seaming HammerUsed to shape metal.
(Code: Dimos-155562-5)
£ 6.98
Dimos Special Metal Marking Pencil Set5nr pencils used to draw on metal and woodwork.
(Code: BUS-0700)
£ 1,980.00
Buschmann Falz Bender SetThe perfect tool for the effortless hand forming of standing seam profiles.

(Code: TK)
£ 199.00
Rau Eaves Edger TK EDP105
Folds eaves edges.
(Code: TSCH)
£ 186.00
Rau Double Eaves Edger TSCH EDP106
Closes eaves edges.
(Code: WFSCH)
£ 186.00
Rau Square Seam Folder WFSCH EDP111
Closes the single lock standing seam.
(Code: WDF)
£ 220.00
Rau Twin Square Seam Folder WDF EDP117Closes the double lock standing seam.