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Glasgow Tools

(Code: Dimos-195420)
£ 29.85
Dimos Hammer TackerEnables fast stapling in one easy action.
(Code: Dimos-195424)
£ 9.79
Dimos Staples 10mm x 5000nr5000 x 10mm staples for Dimos Hammer Tacker.
(Code: Dimos-155562)
£ 1.12
Dimos Special Metal Marking Pencil Set5nr pencils used to draw on metal and woodwork.
(Code: Stubai-267602)
£ 20.34
Stubai Punch Snips
For short, straight & curved cuts.
(Code: Stubai-270501)
£ 29.57
Stubai Combination Snips
For continuous, straight & curved cuts.
(Code: Stubai-267702)
£ 39.53
Stubai Curved Snips
For curved cuts.
(Code: Stubai-269001)
£ 34.05
Stubai Pelican Snips
For long, straight and continuous cuts.
(Code: Stubai-269011)
£ 35.18
Stubai Pelican Snips Coated
For long, straight and continuous cuts.
(Code: Stubai-281001)
£ 29.92
Stubai Round Nose Pliers with TeethExcellent lever transmission due to the long nose.
(Code: Stubai-282151)
£ 37.71
Stubai Bent Seaming Pliers 45° with Lap JointSpecial tinsmith’s seaming pliers.
(Code: Stubai-282251)
£ 45.77
Stubai Bent Seaming Pliers 90° with Lap JointSpecial tinsmith's seaming pliers.
(Code: Stubai-283001)
£ 27.75
Stubai Small Curved Seaming PliersFor small, precise seaming and folding work.
(Code: Stubai-282451)
£ 43.73
Stubai Corner Seaming PliersFor easy seaming at corners.
(Code: Stubai-282801)
£ 67.54
Stubai Angle Seaming PliersFor high seams & seaming of corners.
(Code: Stubai-282413)
£ 137.43
Stubai Drip Edge BenderFolds eaves edges.
(Code: Stubai-282414)
£ 136.07
Stubai Drip Edge Seamer
Closes eaves edges.
(Code: Stubai-282412)
£ 136.07
Stubai Single Lock Seamer
Closes the angle seam.
(Code: Stubai-282415)
£ 150.14
Stubai Double Lock Seamer
Closes the double lock seam.
(Code: Stubai-230306278601)
£ 7.99
Stubai Marking Tool with Roofing Tools LogoExact graduation every 5mm.
(Code: Stubai-100208)
£ 6.71
Stubai Square HammerWith tubular steel shaft and rubber grip.