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GreenLine® Eclipse Pipe Bracket 90mm Round

(Code: GL-EC90DP-B)

£ 3.10
  1. The GreenLine® Eclipse Pipe Bracket offers robust and reliable support for 90mm round pipes, combining durability with a sleek design. Crafted with precision and quality materials, this pipe bracket ensures a secure and stable mounting solution for various applications. The bracket's green finish adds a touch of aesthetic appeal while also providing corrosion resistance, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

    Designed with a focus on versatility, the GreenLine® Eclipse Pipe Bracket accommodates 90mm round pipes, offering a seamless fit for a range of plumbing and piping systems. Its 90-degree configuration provides sturdy support and allows for easy installation, making it an ideal choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

    Whether used in residential, commercial, or industrial settings, the GreenLine® Eclipse Pipe Bracket 90mm Round stands out as a reliable and visually appealing solution for securing and organizing pipes. Upgrade your pipe support system with this durable and stylish bracket, ensuring both functionality and an aesthetically pleasing installation.