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GreenLine® RWS Rainwater Pipe & Accessories

Advantages of the System
GreenLine® RWS gutters & pipes are produced from the highest quality coated steel from SSAB, so they are more durable and more resistant to scratches and varied weather conditions. The multi-layer GreenCoat® RWS ensures excellent resistance to corrosion elements, which extends the life of the system. GreenLine® RWS comes with a 30 year warranty.
Easy Installation
Simple and easy installation. No leaking connections with rivets or screws. GreenLine® RWS is one of the easiest to install gutter systems on the market. Installation, repairs and maintenance can be carried out without any specialised equipment or tools.
Completeness and Compatibility
GreenLine® RWS is 100% complete and fully compatible with Scandinavian gutter systems. When replacing any parts of the system, you can purchase GreenLine® RWS products and connect them to an existing Scandinavian gutter system, already installed on the building.
The components of the GreenLine® RWS Gutter System are made from the highest quality “GreenCoat® RWS” steel, which is manufactured by the Swedish Steel SSAB. It is covered from both sides with a strong 35 micron layer of paint, and long-term anti-corrosive resistance is ensured by the 0.6mm thick steel core, plated on both sides with a layer of zinc (275g/m²).
The optimum thickness of paint coating ensures good resistance to wear and weather effects, and it also means smart use of natural resources. This coating is resistant to the aggressive chemical elements that are dissolved in the rain water, and to air pollution. Because of these features, GreenLine® provides excellent protection against corrosion, and serves several times longer than other gutter systems.
Painted GreenLine® “GreenCoat® RWS” steel is in line with the European standard EN10169+A1.
Steel core (0.6 mm)
Zinc alloy (Z275)
Passivation coating
Polyester primer (10 μ)
Top layer of paint (25 μ)
Surface-hardened with “Plexiglass”
GreenCoat® RWS used in making GreenLine® components is unique, since its outer layer of paint contains small polymer particles, PMMA (polymethyl-methacrylate), also known as “Plexiglass”. They make the painted surface particularly hard and resistant to external damage. Therefore, the system has significantly more resistance to friction loads, which could affect the components (e. g. installation, cleaning, frozen snow). Thus, this coating maintains its initial colour and brightness over the years.
The GreenLine® gutter system is easy to match the surroundings since there are a selection of colours available. Metallic Dark Silver, Mountain Grey and Nordic Night Black are our standard colours. Other colours are available on request. Get in touch with our team today.
Cross-section of the top layer of paint
Metallic Dark Silver
RAL 7037
Mountain Grey
RAL 7016
Nordic Night Black
RAL 9005
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Half Round Gutter 2400mm
Round Rainwater Pipe 2400mm
Half Round Gutter Fascia Bracket
Half Round Gutter Rafter Bracket
Half Round Gutter Internal Corner
Half Round Gutter External Corner
Internal Corner – Special Angle
External Corner – Special Angle
Half Round Gutter Stop End
Half Round Gutter Drop Outlet
Half Round Gutter Joint
Round Pipe 60° Bend
Round Rainwater Pipe 1000mm
Round Pipe Bracket
Round Pipe Y-Branch
Round Pipe Water Diverter
Round Pipe Shoe
Use the table below to calculate the number of downpipes to be installed. Bear in mind, that one downpipe can take the amount of water collected with 10 metres of gutter.
System 1 downpipe (X) 2 downpipes (Y)
125mm / 90mm 50m² - 100mm² 100m² - 150m²
Installation of Downpipes According to the Type of Roof
In the case of a gable roof, the downpipes must be installed at the longer slopes. 
If fixed at distances no greater than 600 mm, the gutter will be stable. Successful water drainage requires the gutter drop towards the downpipe should be 3–5 mm per running metre.
If the length of the roof slope at the gutter exceeds 10m, installation of brackets must start at the centre, dividing the slope into two parts and diverting the water flow towards the ends of the gutter.
(Code: GL-MG90H)
£ 89.00
GreenLine® RWS Round Pipe HopperCommercial grade hopper jointed internally with sealant.
Soldered options available on request.