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HT Shear

(Code: Schechtl-HT100)
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Manually operated plate shear.
Length :
  1. Model HT is a manually operated plate shear. Handling is very easy: Sheets are put onto the table, pushed between the cutting bars and cut by dropping one of the levers on each side of the machine - that's all.

    • One-man operation.
    • Sturdy and compact steel construction.
    • Maintenance-free roller bearings.
    • Upper knife bar made of profile steel, drive via eccentric unit.
    • Quick, easy blade exchange.
    • High-quality, durable blade made of steel or chrome steel.
    • Cutting gap illumination (optional).

    • Standard equipment:
      • 1 pair of shear blades for mild steel (single edged).
      • Support table with 10mm division.
      • Extending table - makes it easier to guide large-sized metal plates onto the table.
      • Manual back gauge 0-500 mm with spur rack and crank wheel (rear operable).
    • Ideal for small quantities and predominantly manual further processing.
    • High-precision cutting quality.
    • Triggering of the cutting movement without the need for force using an operating lever.
    • Compact size, ideal for sites where space is limited.
    • Cutting bar is mechanically driven by an eccentric operated by levers.
    • On each side of the cutting table there are rectangular gauges with a scale of 320mm (stainless steel).
    • During the cut a mechanical hold-down bar with non-skid ebonite lining holds the part.
    • An extensible support bar in front of the machine enlarges the area of support to 920mm.
    • All bearings and guides are maintenance-free.

    Optional Accessories
    • Shear blades for stainless steel.
    • Manual back gauge 0-750 mm with spur rack and crank wheel (rear operable).
    • Manual back gauge 0-750 mm with spur rack, crank wheel and sheet support - front delivery (rear operable).
    • BV-back gauge.
    • Blank wagon light (max. load capacity 300kg).
    • Sheet slide (only possible for machines without sheet support).
    • Blade light via LED.
    • Angular stop for mitre cuts.

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  2. HT 100
    • Working length: 1,040mm
    • Steel 400N/mm˛ capacity: 1.75mm
    • Aluminum 250N/mm˛ capacity: 2.25mm
    • Stainless steel 600N/mm˛ capacity: 1.00mm
    • Cutting angle: 4.40°
    • Length: 1,442mm
    • Depth (machine only): 905mm
    • Depth (with back guage): 1,330mm
    • Table height: 860mm
    • Total height (with operating lever): 1,500mm
    • Weight: 470kg
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