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Jouanel Probac-CPRO Roll Forming Profiler

Light three piece profiling machine for standing seam (aluminium frame + right and left units removable).

£ 11,292.00
  1. Electric roll-forming machine for building site or workshop, reference PROBAC-CPRO, ultralight and removable, for shaping of standing seam trays, directly on building site. It's quick dismantling system of blocks without tool provides easy transport and handling.

    • Standing seam roll-forming machine suitable for the building site constraints
    • Installation and use close to the site or directly on the roof
    • Profiling with no length limit
    • No more shaped trays to carry
    • Light frame made of aluminium
    • Removable roll-forming blocks and guides without tool
    • Transportable in any type of vehicle
    • Roll-forming quality identical to the big roll-forming machines in workshops.

    • Minimum sheet width in 1 run: 205mm
    • Minimum sheet width in 2 runs: 130mm
    • Maximum sheet width: 720mm
    • Maximum capacity Steel: 0.65mm
    • Power supply: 110v
    • Roll forming speed: 9m/min
    • Power: 1.1kw
    • Operating dimensions: 1200mm x 1400mm x 560mm
    • Net weight (frame + unit 1 + unit 2): 64kg + 46,5kg + 46,5kg
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