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KS Folding Machine

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The best-selling workshop bending machine in the world!
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  1. The best-selling workshop bending machine in the world!

    One device for all tasks. Benefit from the many cutting-edge innovations from over 50 years of experience that contributed to the making of this machine. The KS & even more powerful KSV  – from bending technology pioneer Konrad Schechtl – are the most popular classic devices of all manual bending machines for sheet metal work. Sheet metal workers swear by it. More than 25,000 machines sold and the winner of several awards!

    • Very individual and specialised profiles can be implemented for roofs and exteriors.
    • Optimised for diverse materials and material thicknesses.
    • Profiles with long limbs – the tried and tested principle of railroad tracks and additional lateral notches.
    • High working comfort – back friendly working conditions.

    • Both KS & KSV models come standard with:
      • 1 sharp rail 20°, radius 1mm, 66/24 mm for clamping beam.
      • 1 insert rail each 68/10 mm and 68/24 mm for bending beam.
      • Very wide food pedal made for hands-free work and high operating safety.
    • Welded steel bending bar + upper and lower bar made from reliable rolled steel.
    • Maximum bending free space on the clamping beam.
    • Adjustable pretension for maximal bending precision on the clamping and bending beam.
    • Reinforced lower beam – best results during hemming.
    • Clamping beam is driven via dual eccentric – extremely light weight and force balancing mechanism.
    • Manual lowering and setting of clamping pressure.
    • All bearings and guideways are maintenance-free.
    • Maximum opening of upper bar is approx. 80mm.
    • All bending rails can be changed, therefore the bending bar can be lowered and adjusted to different sheet thicknesses and radius.
    • Scale for bending angles from 0-160° and an adjustable bending bar stop to do equal bending angles.
    • Bending bar has anti-friction bearings and an adjustable weight compensation by means of crank and stroke.

    Optional Accessories
    • Roller shear.
    • Manual back gauge 750mm with support grid and swiveling fingers.
    • Beading and rounding options (contact us for more info).
    • Different rail options (contact us for more info).

    How it's done
    Metal is laid between upper and lower bar and the upper beam closes vertically either with a foot pedal or with two levers on each side of the machine, which at the same time serve as weight compensations - so the piece doesn't slide forwards when being clamped and the accuracy is preserved.

    Contact is for price and availability.
  2. KS 100
    • Working length: 1,040mm
    • Steel 400N/mm˛ capacity: 2.00mm
    • Aluminum 250N/mm˛ capacity: 3.00mm
    • Stainless steel 600N/mm˛ capacity: 1.20mm
    • Copper 300N/mm˛ capacity: 2.00mm
    • Zinc 150N/mm˛ capacity: 3.50mm
    • Length: 1,630mm
    • Depth (machine only): 610mm
    • Total height: 1,155mm
    • Clamping beam opening height: 100mm
    • Weight (KS 100): 500kg
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