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Kuli 100 Decoiler with Accessories

(Code: KULI-100SET)
Complete with coil rail with coil holder plus shear & length measuring device.
£ 1,995.00
  1. For the picking up, transportation, and uncoiling of metal coils.

    • Transportation device: the coil can be comfortably picked up and transported around the site or workshop.
    • Coil rail with coil holder: Particularly useful for the transportation of small coils. An exact infeed of the coil, e.g. to the profiling device, is achieved with the lateral coil rail.
    • Shear & length measuring device: You can cut your metal precisely with the Kuli shears and the length measuring device.

  2. Standard
    • Weight (Kuli 100): 24kg
    • Max. load capacity: 200kg
    • Max. coil width: 1000mm

    Accessories Included
    • Kuli coil rail 100: for coil widths up to 1160mm
    • Kuli shears:
    • Aluminium capacity: 1.0mm
    • Copper capacity: 0.8mm
    • Zinc capacity: 0.8mm
    • Steel capacity: 0.7mm
    • Length measuring device: in cm increments