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Magnabend Folding Machine

Magnabend Folding Machine

(Code: MAG-E)
Electromagnetic folding machine

Magnabend™ is a new concept in sheetmetal forming which gives you much more freedom to make the shapes you want. The machine is very different from ordinary folders because it clamps the workpiece with a powerful electro-magnet rather than by mechanical means. This leads to numerous advantages over standard folding machines & press brakes.

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Magnabend sheet metal folding machines
650E 1.6 mm x 625 mm (16 g x 2 ft)
  Technical schools, High schools, Light industry.
1000E 1.6 mm x 1000 mm (16g x 3 ft)
  Schools, Apprentice training, Light industry.
1250E 1.6 mm x 1250 mm (16 g x 4 ft)
  Industry, Support workshops in institutions, Tech schools.
2000E 1.6 mm x 2000 mm (16 g x 6 ft)
  Industry, Roofing.
2500E 1.6 mm x 2500 mm (16 g x 8 ft)
  Industry, Air-conditioning, Building, Roofing.
3200E 1.2 mm x 3200 mm (18 g x 10 ft)
  Industry, Air-conditioning, Building, Roofing.