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MASC Metal Working Tools

M.A.S.C. Metal Roofing Tools
The lifespan, handling and reliability of M.A.S.C. products are what they are known so well for. Tools with a soul are usually not mass-produced. They are made in small forging shops where the creator still identifies with the product, as is the case with M.A.S.C. Their products are manufactured in smaller factories with extremely high standards. Whether you want a pair of nibblers, snips, a hammer or gutter shovel, M.A.S.C. tools are specifically manufactured to ensure you enjoy working with the product. Imaginative and oriented towards the craft!
(Code: MASC MB2)
£ 13.37
Self Adhesive Tape MeasureFor adhering to machinery or work benches etc.
(Code: MASC-SG15)
£ 14.18
Velcro Strap
Retains loose coils.
(Code: MASC FRP)
£ 71.96
(-10.01%) £ 64.76
Temporary Rainwater PipeDiverts water prior to rainwater pipe installation.
(Code: MASC FD)
£ 399.94
Flexible Roof LadderEnables comfortable and efficient work in any position.
(Code: MASC RSK)
£ 13.14
(-9.97%) £ 11.83
Gutter Shovel
The perfect tool for cleaning gutters.
(Code: MASC-SF)
£ 14.18
Spray LubricantGeneral lubricant for pipe expanders, rust removal, folding & curving machines.