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MBM310 Motorised Folding Machine

(Code: Schechtl-MBM310)
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Motorised bending machine for when manual bending machines reach their limits.

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  1. Motorised bending machine for use where manual bending machines reach their limits. The MBM 310 provides a huge increase in functionality and efficiency.

    The ability to design profiles on a monitor offers full control of the machine functions and bending results. Storing profiles electronically does away with paper documentation. The organised display of profile data in table format allows even complex profiles to be easily reproduced. Simply load the profile data on the monitor and you're ready to go!

    • Very easy to operate - designed for smooth and efficient one-man operation.
    • Produce an entire profile in less time with just one cycle.
    • Exceptionally durable machine - wear-free and maintenance-free direct eccentric drive (no gear wheels, no chains).
    • Schechtl's sturdy, proven welded construction with optimally sized beam elements.

    ECT Control System
    • Saving profile data and bending sequences in organised tables expedites planning and the manufacturing process.
    • Profile data and bending sequences available at any time: save once, retrieve as often as you like.
    • Copy and individually customise profile sets for new orders.
    • Inputs for bending angle, backgauge measure, lifting height, hemming and cut.
    • Space for 250 saved profile sets.
    • 36 bending angles can be saved for each profile set.

    Machine Features
    • Standard equipment:
      • 1 sharp rail 20°, radius 1mm, offset, 66/24mm for clamping beam.
      • 1 insert rail each 68/10mm and 68/24mm for bending beam.
      • Motorised back gauge 6-750mm.
      • Foot switch.
      • 16 amp connection plug with 5m cable (within the EU).
      • Connecting voltage: 3 x 400 Volt, 50 Hz (within the EU).
    • Easy-to-operate manual lowering of the bending beam.
    • Adjustable crowning for maximal bending precision.
    • Opening height of 130mm.
    • Considerable space at the clamping beam.
    • Manual crowning of the bending beam.
    • Space-saving location of electrical cabinet under the backgauge.

    Optional Accessories
    • Roller shear RSL - the weight balance of the roller shear is achieved by a gas spring and double pipe guide.
    • 1 pair of conical back gauge fingers ECT.
    • Different rails (contact us).
    • Second foot switch for 2-man operation.

    Contact us for price and availability.
  2. MBM 310
    • Working length: 3,100mm
    • Steel 400N/mm˛ capacity: 1.00mm
    • Aluminum 250N/mm˛ capacity: 1.50mm
    • VA 600N/mm˛ capacity: 0.60mm
    • Bending beam motor power rating: 0.55kW
    • Clamping beam motor power rating 0.22 / 0.4kW
    • Max. opening height: 130mm
    • Max. clamping beam speed: 5.7mm/s
    • Max. bending beam speed: 95°/s
    • Length: 3,862mm
    • Width with 750mm motorised backgauge: 1,579mm
    • Working height: 900mm
    • Total height: 1,747mm
    • Weight: 1,550kg
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