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NedZink Rainwater Pipe & Accessories

(Code: NE80DP2000)
£ 25.93
NedZink Rainwater Pipe - Round
Round pipe with collar.

Standard lengths 2000mm.

(Code: NE80C)
£ 3.24
NedZink Pipe Collar - Round

Connects cut ends of pipe

(Code: NE80DP-M10)
£ 3.95
NedZink Pipe Bracket - RoundIncludes 100mm fixing screw.
(Code: NE80DIV)
£ 30.38
NedZink Pipe Water Diverter

 Saves rainwater to another source

(Code: NE80x80Y)
£ 16.20
NedZink Pipe Y-Branch - RoundSoldered joint with collars
(Code: NE80H)
£ 89.75
NedZink Hopper for Round Pipe300mm x 200mm x 200mm
(Code: GA80BG)
£ 3.90
Balloon Grating / Leaf GuardGalvanised steel.