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Power Seamer K9-1-ERB

(Code: Draco-K9-1-ERB)
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Model of the K9-1 for seaming round seams. 
  1. Model of the K9-1 for seaming round seams. 

    Draco has developed this versatile seam closer especially for closing seams of industrially produced panels. The K9-1-ERB is suitable for straight, tapered, convex or concave round profiles. The machine has a sophisticated pressure clamping system where the pressure on the seam can be adjusted. An optimum result is therefore guaranteed. The speed can be adjusted variably to approx. 18 m/min. The Power Seamer K9-1-ERB can be used to close round profiles in a forwards or backward motion.

    • Variable pressure adjustment.
    • Variable speed control.
    • Adjustable for seam heights from 48mm up to 65mm.
    • Maintenance free, safe operation.
    • No damage to painted or coated materials.
    • Can be used or removed in the middle of a seam.
    • Curved roofs can be seamed down to minimum radius of 2m.
    • Aluminium, copper, zinc, steel capacity: 0.8mm
    • Stainless steel capacity: 0.5mm
    • Seam height: 48-65mm
    • Working speed: 9-18m per min
    • Capacity: 1150 KW/V
    • Weight: 16kg