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Rau Square Seam Folder WFSCH ST EDP128

Closes the single lock standing seam, with extended handle.
£ 300.00
£ 270.00
  1. Closes the single lock standing seam.

    The Rau Square Seam Folder WFSCH ST is designed for single lock seams (90° lock) or for the first stage of a double lock system, but features adjustable length handles of up to 720mm to allow the user to work the seams quickly, cleanly and effortlessly while standing up. The blades are 220mm wide and feature a smooth transition to prevent marring. This tool fits any 25mm or 38mm standing seam roof panel with a seam top width of no more than 13mm.

    • ”Stand up” version of the Rau Square Seam Folder WFSCH.
    • Ease of operation.
    • Bends up to 24 gauge metal.
    • Designed to be used standing-up, on low pitch or flat roofs.
    • Cannot be used for vertical seams.
    Pre-profiled sheet
    Profiles placed one inside the other
    Angled standing seam
    Closing the profile with the WFSCH
    • Folding length: 220mm
    • Overall length: 720mm
    • Width: 70mm
    • Weight: 3.7kg