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S-5-E FL Mini Clamp

(Code: S5-EMINIFL)
Versatile utility mounting for traditional 25mm & 38mm double-folded standing seam profiles.
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  1. Versatile utility mounting for traditional European-style, double-folded, standing seam profiles (25mm and most 38mm) tall in zinc, stainless, aluminium and coated steel.

    Sometimes you need a nut-and-bolt connection to the clamp rather than threading the bolt into the clamp directly. This is why S-5! created the S-5-EF Mini clamp – the right choice for a traditionally dimensioned, double-folded standing seam. The EF Mini ( "EF” is for European Flange) is an economical, non-penetrating, standing seam metal roof (SSMR) clamp. With a slotted hole in the flange, the EF is ideal for the attachment of bottom-mount solar rails and a broad spectrum of other utility mountings. Stainless steel nuts and several bolt sizes are sold separately.

    The EF Mini has a single setscrew for medium or light-duty applications, such as solar or satellite dish mounting.

    Choose the EF Mini to mount a variety of utilities with nominal seam dimensioning (13mm seam fold) to your double-folded, standing seam metal roof.

    Product Specifications
    • Flange design improves ease & versatility of attachment to bottom-mount rails and other nut-and-bolt connections.
    • Slotted hole in flange provides adjustment for versatile utility mounting (bolt diameter up to 10mm).
    • Compatible with Butler’s MR-24® and other double-folded, standing seam roofs.
    • Light and medium-duty applications.
    • One T-30 Torx round-point setscrew.
    • Ideal for solar rail, roof walkway, HVAC and other mounting applications.

    Does the S-5-EF Mini Clamp Fit Your Roof Profile?

    How to Install the S-5-EF Mini Clamp on Your Roof Profile*
    Place the clamp at the desired location on the seam with the lower "lip” of the clamp throat beneath the seam fold. Tighten the roundpoint Torx Drive (T30) setscrew to the specified tension. The slotted thru-hole in the flange accommodates bolt diameters of up 10mm. (Bolt and nut sold separately as needed).

    *See more detailed installation instructions in the Downloads tab.
    • Weight: 0.064kg
    • Dimensions:
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