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S-5-PV Kit

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(Code: S5-PVKIT)
Aluminium body and disc.
Stainless steel hardware.
M8 thread.
For PV installation.
(excludes clamp)
Weight: 0.072kg
£ 4.80
The S-5-PV Kit (excludes clamp) is designed specifically to secure framed photovoltaic modules to standing seam metal roof systems without penetrating the roof's surface, without the use of a rail or violating the roof's warranty.
The kit fits the majority of solar panels and metal roofs on the market - including exposed-fastened and corrugated profiles using the S-5! "Versabracket" and "Corrubracket".
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Difficult to remove flange to create edge clamps. Also you need an additional nut to place under the clamp to prevent the clamp displacing sideways as the clamp is tightened against only one edge. This is made clear in the installation video though.
Peter D.