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S-5-RC Clamp

(Code: S-5-RC)
A versatile clamp uniquely suited to the Riverclack® Profile
£ 11.60
  1. The S-5-RC ("R" stands for Riverclack) is a non-penetrating, standing seam metal roof (SSMR) clamp.

    Specifically tailored to fir the geometry of the Riverclack metal roof, the S-5-RC attaches a wide range of rooftop accessories including solar array - penetration-free. The durable clamp is made of high-quality structural aluminium to match Riverclack's long-lasting performance.

    The two-piece design of the S-5-RC interfaces with the rib geometry protecting the roof from corrosion and preserving the metal panels' thermal cycling characteristics.

    Product Specifications
    • Zero-penetration attachment
    • Fits Riverclack profiles, with unmatched holding strength
    • Quick, easy installation
    • Secure and warranted long-lasting quality
    • Attaches a wide range of rooftop ancillaries
    • Pairs easily with PVKIT for rail-less solar mounting
    • Backed by S-5! design, service and brand integrity

    How to Install the S-5-RC Clamp on Your Roof Profile
    Insert the toe of one side of the clamp into the channel adjacent to the seam. Rotate the clamp part toward the seam to create an interlock between the toe and the panel. Repeat this step with the other half of the clamp. Insert the M8 bolt and tighten until mating surfaces are in full contact. The RC clamps are now ready to install various rooftop ancillaries.

    *See more detailed installation instructions in the downloads tab.

    • Weight: 0.24kg
    • Dimensions:
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