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S-5 Snoclip ll

(Code: S-5-SNOCLIP 335)
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Retards the migration of snow and ice beneath the ColorGard® crossmember.
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    This aluminium component retards the migration of snow and ice beneath the ColorGard® crossmember. It has a special integrated rubber "foot” to prevent abrasion of the panel’s finish. SnoClip™ slides onto the back of the crossmember or rod and extends down to the flat of the roofing panel.

    SnoClip is designed to service roofs of varying seam heights. The two locks on SnoClip II make it the right choice for 25mm and 38mm seams. It can also be used on 51mm vertical seams, but it is not appropriate for horizontal seams of the same height.

    The longer SnoClip III comes with three different locks to choose from. SnoClip III works with a range of seam heights, from 38mm to 83mm. SnoClip may not be suitable for use on 76mm seams with horizontal orientation. Please contact us for assistance.

    SnoClip II - Designed for seam heights of 25mm to 38mm
    Lock 1: 35mm - 38mm
    Lock 2: 25mm - 35mm
    Lock 3: N/A

    SnoClip III - Designed for seam heights of 38mm to 83mm
    Lock 1: 73mm - 83mm
    Lock 2: 64mm - 73mm
    Lock 3: 38mm - 64mm

    Guidelines for Determining which SnoClip Position to Use
    SnoClip II™ and SnoClip III™ offer multiple locks (clip-on location) to choose from. Choose the lock that leaves the rubber "foot" of the clip resting against the surface of the roof panel. Test your choice of locks by applying downward pressure on the clip. The "toe" of a properly installed clip will engage the panel before the "heel" does.

    It is important to note that when panel deflection is not limited by purlins or roof deck immediately beneath the SnoClip foot, the lock position recommendations below may not be suitable. Should panel deflection be excessive causing SnoClip or SnapClip to rotate under load, these components should not be used. When installing any S-5! snow retention assembly with SnoClip, be sure that the toe of the SnoClip part bears on an area of the roof panel that is well supported and not subject to excessive deflection.

    NB: Use of the incorrect SnoClip lock position can cause damage to the snow guard system or roof.
    • Weight: 0.17kg
    • Dimensions: 76mm × 100mm × 25mm
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