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S-5-Z Clamp

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Designed for round seam systems.
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  1. Seeking a Zip-Rib®, Bemo, Kalzip® (or Similar "Bulb” Seam) Mounting Solution?

    The S-5-Z clamp ("Z” stands for Zip-Rib) is specially designed to fit Kalzip® and similar profiles that have a round "bulb" seam configuration. It's two-piece clamp design allows it to be easily installed anywhere along the length of the rib

    Product Specifications
    • Specially designed to fit Zip-Rib®, BEMO, Kalzip® and similar profiles with a round "bulb” seam configuration and seam diameters of ≤ 22mm.
    • Installs easily anywhere along the rib using the two-piece clamp design.
    • For snow retention and other heavy-duty applications.
    • Two T-30 Torx round-point setscrews.
    • One M8 bolt included.

    Does the S-5-Z Fit Your Roof Profile?

    How to Install the S-5-Z Clamp on Your Roof Profile*
    Using the ergonomic finger grip "tail” of the insert, position the insert at the desired location against the base of the seam and just below the bulbous portion (either side of the seam). Rotate the clamp into place over both the seam and insert. You can hold this assembly in place with one finger, while tightening the roundpoint Torx Drive (T30) setscrews to the specified tension. Then, affix ancillary items using the bolt.

    *See more detailed installation instructions in the downloads tab.

    Minis Available
    The Z Mini clamp is a more economical solution for lighter-duty attachments where Herculean holding strength is not required.

    All standard and Mini clamps undergo rigorous load testing. Negative load normal-to-seam testing (pull-up) is performed on all Mini clamps, and parallel-to-seam testing (drag load) is performed on all standard clamps.

    Other options for this seam profile (contact us)
    Sometimes the intended "bulb” diameter is larger than the specified dimension for the Z due to seam-closing error. This can be corrected by hand, closing the seam to its proper dimension at clamp locations.

    Alternatively, the S-5-Q can be used when the (bulb) seam dimension is too large for the Z. The Q is designed to fit larger "bulb-shaped” profiles. When a nut-and-bolt connection is required, see the S-5-ZF Mini.

    Some bulb seam profiles utilise a stationary clip (or "halter”) to anchor the roof to the structure. This is typical of BEMO and Kalzip. (ZipRib generally utilizes a moveable two-piece clip.) When a stationary "halter” is used for roof attachment, the halter location must be avoided when using the S-5-Z. Alternatively, the S-5-ZH can be used at halter locations, preserving roof design integrity.
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