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Supra-Bender 200mm

(Code: Draco-91550)
Bends & forms all kind of materials straight, concave or convex.
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£ 405.00
£ 364.50
  1. Universal mobile bending tool to bend and form all kind of materials straight, concave or convex.

    • Bending height is continuously adjustable fom 30mm to 200mm (graduation in mm and inch). 
    • With 4 guide rollers, the Supra-Bender offers you stable guidance and easy handling.
    • Enables overstretching to compensate for spring back of e.g. stainless steel.
    • Light weight bender with removable ergonomic grip handle.
    • Handle offers a convenient grip even when completely extended to 200mm.
    • Solves many technical bending problems as upstands and counter forms without any scratch marks.

    How is it done?
    Very easy. Adjust to desired bending height by using integrated measuring device and lock it with the setscrew. Now place metal between the bending rolls. The single bearing is on top and shows the direction in which you will bend (the other 3 bearings carry the force). Now move Bender back and forth by pushing slightly up until required angle is reached. You achieve a perfect result without damaging painted or coated metal.
    • Zinc, copper, aluminium capacity: 1mm
    • Bends from - to: 30 - 200mm
    • Weight: 2kg
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