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TBS 100 Portable Segmented Folding Machine

(Code: Schechtl-TBS100)
Transportable segmented folding machine.

£ 5,053.00
  1. Transportable segmented folding machine.

    • All segments can be adjusted without tools.
    • The TBS masters even 25mm and 35mm rollformed seams for eaves and ridge folds.
    • 1 worker alone can easily transport and operate the TBS.
    • Can be installed on a workbench or in a construction vehicle (without X-shaped support stand).
    • Reduction in transport weight - segments are transported in a separate box where they are stored safely and optimally protected.

    • Foldable X-shaped support stand with rollers and handle for convenient transportation.
    • Segments with quick clamping system on clamping beam, bending beam and lower beam.
    • Clamping beam segments in radius 1mm.
    • 40mm segment height
    • Clamping beam pressure setting and bending beam lowering device
    • Storage box for segments.
    • Upper, lower & folding beam segmented.
    • The clamping beam only has a 45 degree flat slope – this offers additional free space for refined seamed profiles with long limbs.

    Optional Accessories
    • Roller shear allowing you to cut directly on the machine.
    • Foot stands.

    Contact us for price and availability.
    • Steel 400N/mm˛ capacity: 0.63mm
    • Aluminum 250N/mm˛ capacity: 1.00mm
    • Stainless steel 600N/mm˛ capacity: 0.50mm
    • Copper 300N/mm˛ capacity: 0.80mm
    • Zinc 150N/mm˛ capacity: 1.00mm
    • Working length: 1000mm
    • Length: 1,250mm
    • Depth: 700mm
    • Total height with X-shaped support stand: 1,150mm
    • Weight (TBX machine without X-shaped support stand): 60kg
    • Weight (X-shaped support stand): 17kg
    • Partition of segments
      • Per 1 corner left + right: 100mm
      • Per 1x30/40/60/70mm: 2x50mm, 5x100mm
    • Lower and bending beam segments height: 40mm
    • Clamping beam segments height: 40mm
    • Clamping beam opening height: 45mm
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