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TurboShear CM (ex Demo)

(Code: Malco-TSCM-demo)
For corrugated metal.
Fits to chuck of a standard or cordless drill (excluded).
Heavy duty shear that clamps to the drill body for one-handed operation.
Capacity: 0.61mm steel
Weight: 0.98kg



This versatile and portable TurboShear makes easy cross cuts, fast lengthwise cuts, even circles and square cuts, in large or small pattern corrugated metal roofing, and most other non standing seam metal roofing and cladding panels, including trapezoidal profiles.

Elongated blades with compact jaws create a 75 degree offset so that the drill is held at a near vertical approach when starting a cut. This steep offset allows the drill handle or battery pack to tip down slightly and still clear the roofing panel surface as the shear head follows the rising angle of a corrugated or trapezoidal profile.