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Tyvek Firecurb Housewrap

(Code: MS-TFH)
Underlay for metal roofing & cladding.

Width: 1.5m
Length: 50m
Area: 75m2
Weight 6kg
£ 248.00
Width: 1.1m
Length: 50m
Area: 55m2
Tyvek® FireCurb® Housewrap takes the airtight and watertight yet vapour-open breather membranes of Tyvek® membranes and adds flame retardancy properties that can significantly increase building safety. A flame retardant membrane can help slow or prevent the spread of flames, improving evacuation time for occupants and also helping to increase the fire rating of wall elements. Suitable for use in all building types, from bungalows to high-rises, Tyvek® FireCurb® Housewrap offers an outstanding long-term protection solution you can trust.