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Vario Profi K25-VP

(Code: Draco-91460)
Profiling machine producing the best quality standing seam profiles.
  1. This single-sided profiling machine is particularly suitable as a versatile beginner's model or as an addition to an existing profiling machine.

    • Produces the best quality standing seam profiles.
    • Pointed, pass and conical tracks in any desired width from 50mm and up are possible.
    • Machine movable according to wheelbarrow principle. Easy to maneuver and therefore space saving.
    • Designed to form under cloak or over cloak (female and male) profiles on pre-cut and shaped panels, one side at a time. This allows straight and tapered panels to be formed with different profiles down to the smallest width of 50mm.
    • Pan former Vario Profi 25 is able to produce panels from 50 mm min. to any width.

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    • Aluminium, copper, zinc, steel capacity: 0.4mm - 0.8mm
    • Stainless steel capacity: 0.4mm - 0.5mm
    • Machine length: 1040mm
    • Length incl. guides: 2270mm
    • Width: 1100mm
    • Height: 1160mm
    • Seam height: 25mm
    • Panel length: min. 330mm
    • Panel width: min. 50mm
    • Sheet length: min. 330mm
    • Working speed: 11m/min
    • Capacity: 0.75/230 kW/V
    • Weight: 255kg