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Wuko Bogie Bender 9050

(Code: WUKO-9050)
Suitable for inside & outside curves, as well as straight bends.
£ 468.00
  1. Bending height 5mm - 50mm

    The WUKO 9050 Bogie Bender is designed to handle sheet metal bending on inside/outside curves as well as straight pieces. The support plates are able to be unlocked to rotate freely around tight curves while still providing support edges for a crisp bend. WUKO tools are excellent in quality and well known throughout the roofing industry. Experts will benefit from the WUKO Bogie Bender’s versatility:

    • Straight panels
      The tool’s two swivel joints with three roller stops (you see where it gets its stability from) can be fastened within seconds due to two integrated locking pins. Two simple steps and you are all set: Bend away!

    • Switch back to curvy mode
      Unfasten the two locking pins by pulling out the black knobs and rotate both swivel joints through 30 degrees before locking the knobs back in place again: This setting allows the roller stops to follow the curves of the edge smoothly.

    • Outstanding accuracy
      The outstanding dimensional accuracy of the bend puts this bendy tool ahead of its competition, especially on workpieces combining inner and outer radius.

    • Angled bending wheel
      Comes in handy for getting springy materials to true 90° or avoiding scratches on coated sheets.
    • Maximum thickness: 0.8mm (for all common materials)
    • Maximum bending height: 50mm
    • Minimum bending height: 5mm
    • Weight: 1.21kg