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Wuko Duo Bender 3352

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(Code: WUKO-3352)
The bigger and longer brother of the Wuko Duo Bender 3200.
£ 514.00
  1. Bending height 5mm - 350mm

    • The bigger and longer brother of the Wuko Duo Bender 3200.
    • For bending up to 90°.
    • Especially designed for quick and easy bending of long, straight sheet metal strips.
    • It's function is equal to that of the Wuko Uni Bender, but will not follow radius bends as tightly. It is equipped with a second pair of bending rolls and a handle, therefore will bend material faster than the Uni Bender because of the added leverage.
    • Best for making 90° bends where brakes are not convenient such as on the job site, or if the bend is longer than the brake.
    • Excellent for valley bends.
    • This tool is incredibly unique due to its 350mm depth. 

    If your needs are for bends from 5mm to 200mm, check out the Wuko Duo Bender 3200 instead.
    • Maximum thickness: 0.8mm (For all common materials)
    • Maximum bending height: 350mm
    • Minimum bending height: 5mm
    • Weight: 3.58kg
  2. Video shows the tool's smaller brother; Wuko Duo Bender 3200.

Customer reviews
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The Wuko bender is going to save so much time on site and give our customer a much. better finish than we could fabricate without it.
Paul b.
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The nuts.
Daniel h.
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Great tool i would definitely recommend!
Justin L.
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Great Tool.