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Wuko Mini Disc-O-Bender 4010

(Code: WUKO-4010)
Used to hem metal from 90° up to 180°.
£ 288.00
  1. Bending height 8mm - 23mm

    • Used to hem metal from 90° up to 180° on inner and outer radii up to 23mm.
    • No adjustments necessary.
    • Clean, precise result.
    • No damage to painted or coated material.

    The Wuko Mini Disc-O-Bender is the ideal supplement to the Wuko Mini Bender and Wuko Uni Bender.
    • Maximum thickness: 0.8mm (for all common materials)
    • Maximum bending height: 23mm (depending on material)
    • Minimum bending height: 8mm (depending on material)
    • Weight: 0.63kg