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Zinc Half Round Gutter & Accessories

Our zinc guttering and rainwater systems are manufactured by Metal Solutions Ltd from 0.7mm ZM Silesia Natural, Preaged, and Preaged Carbon finishes. We can also fabricate from any other zinc finish, as well as producing any bespoke items.
(Code: ZN25HR)
Zinc Half Round GutterStandard length 2400mm.

Other lengths available up to 4000mm.

(Code: ZN25HR-EX)
Zinc Half Round Gutter External CornerPressed gutter corner.

(Code: ZN25HR-IN)
Zinc Half Round Gutter Internal CornerPressed gutter corner.

(Code: ZN25x80D)
Zinc Drop Outlet
(Code: GA25HR-F)
Zinc Half Round Gutter Fascia BracketGalvanised or black painted finish.
(Code: GA25HR-R)
Zinc Half Round Gutter Rafter BracketGalvanised or black painted finish.
(Code: GA-RSS)
Rafter Side SupportFixings excluded.
(Code: GA-RTS)
Rafter Top SupportFixings excluded.
(Code: GA-RFB-250)
Rise & Fall BracketFixings excluded.
(Code: GA25HR-PF)
Pressed Fascia Bracket
For stand alone use or with Rafter Side / Top Support.
(Code: RA-50730)
Zinc Expansion Joint
Double sided vulcanised.
Length: 3000mm
Width: 260mm