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Aviation / Compound Snips

Utilise the power of a compound lever!

Erdi Aviation and Compound Snips have drop-forged cutter heads that are always tempered and the edges double hardened. This produces high durability and burr-free cuts. The ergonomic handle has a standard plastic coating and an anti-slip protection. Both parts are joined in such a manner that it provides additional leverage. You can do the same work quicker with much less effort.

Less worker fatigue = improved production! Try it out!

We have regular deliveries from Bessey, so should you need any tools that are not listed on our website, please contact us and we can order them in for you.
(Code: Erdi-D16L)
£ 14.71
Erdi Aviation Snips 240mmFor short, continuous, straight and curved cuts.
(Code: Erdi-D16S)
£ 14.71
(-20.05%) £ 11.76
Erdi Aviation Snips  (No offset to blades) 240mm
For short, straight & curved cuts with a large radius in both left and right directions.

(Code: Erdi-D15A)
£ 16.98
(-10.01%) £ 15.28
Erdi Compound Snips 180mm
Compact design. For long, continuous, straight & curved cuts.
(Code: Erdi-D27AL)
£ 35.28
Erdi Compound Snips 260mm
For long, continuous, straight & curved cuts.
(Code: Erdi-D39ASSL)
£ 51.56
Erdi Leverage Snips 230mm
For continuous, straight & curved cuts.
(Code: Erdi-D22A)
£ 31.53
Erdi Compound Snips Long 280mm
For long, continuous, straight & curved cuts.