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Beech Bossing Stick

(Code: Mon-748U)
For forming lead into shapes with a clean and professional finish.
£ 15.98
  1. The bossing stick the main tool used to shape lead, and is used to manipulate the lead flashing or metal sheeting and boss it into corners and around other structures. The lead bossing stick can be used in conjunction with a bossing mallet when working on thicker metal sheeting in order to provide extra force and ensure the lead goes as far into the corners and as closely around the structures as possible.

    • Suitable for use on any sheet metal work, including lead, copper, aluminium and zinc.
    • For use on roofs, bay windows etc.
    • Clean and professional finish.
    • Manufactured from strong and hard-wearing beech wood.
    • This bossing stick has been manufactured to allow sufficient lift to avoid damage to knuckles.
    • Designed for left or right-handed use.
    • Face Diameter 32mm
    • Length: 340mm
    • Width: 43mm
    • Weight: 0.33kg