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Beech Setting-In Stick

(Code: Mon-749X)
For setting lines or folds into lead flashing before bossing.
£ 13.50
  1. A setting-in stick has a wedge-shaped face. It is primarily used to reinforce or sharpen folds or angles in lead sheet prior to bossing. Also used to set lead in to corners or used as a finishing tool to set in clean lines when the lead is in its final position. Setting-in sticks are sometimes used with a bossing mallet, particularly when working with thicker sheet metal.

    • Designed for the moulding and shaping of lead sheet.
    • Also suitable for use on any sheet metal work, including lead, copper, aluminium and zinc.
    • Wedge shaped face.
    • Manufactured from strong and hard-wearing beech wood.
    • This lead setting-in stick has been manufactured to allow sufficient lift to avoid damage to knuckles.
    • Length: 330mm
    • Face diameter: 75mm
    • Weight: 0.23kg