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Dimos Dipro P5400S Profiler

(Code: Dimos-084752)

Same model as Dimos Dipro P5400 but with slitter on infeed and length measuring device.

£ 12,797.09
  1. Profiling machine for standing seam system, suitable for all metals including coated metals (not currently available with lifting eyes).

    The Dimos Dipro P5400S comes complete with slitter on infeed and length measuring device. With its completely redesigned profiling train, this machine is the best possible compromise between usability and quality. It requires no adjustment and no tools.

    • Programmable length measuring device for continuous production of panels.
    • Profiling train: Controlled bending pressure for guaranteed quality profiling using different materials.
    • Rugged construction (body frame, input guides, etc.).
    • Large-diameter profiling rollers.
    • Central support system: for supporting large-width sheets.
    • Adaptable shaping train for all metal types.
    • Depths of 180mm possible in a single pass (ideal for cladding).
    • Manual cross-cut before profiling (Rotalame®).
    • Easily accessible control panel.
    • Simplified controls: Control panel is equipped with only 3 buttons (emergency stop, power switch, front/rear).
    • Extra user protection thanks to bellows and a closed base.
    • Wheels are fitted with brakes to avoid any unwanted movement during use or transport.
    • 2 types of wheels available: on-site or workshop (optional).
    • Special crossbars ensure stability when lifting and handling.
    • Copper capacity: 0.7mm
    • Zinc capacity: 0.8mm
    • Steel (400N/mm˛) capacity: 0.7 mm
    • Stainless steel (470N/mm˛) capacity: 0.5mm
    • Aluminium capacity: 0.8mm
    • Minimum strip length: 800mm
    • 1-pass bandwidth: 250mm - 820mm
    • 2-pass bandwidth: 160mm - 750mm
    • Length: 1500mm
    • Width: 1230mm
    • Height: 1050mm
    • Profiling speed: 15m/min (220V) 12m/min (110V)
    • Maximum noise emissions: 70 dB
    • Voltage 110v (220v available)
    • Weight: 350kg