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Dimos Profibac

(Code: Dimos-083801)
Manual profiling machine for batten roll system.

£ 2,465.62
  1. Manual profiling machine for batten roll system. To produce your profiles with quality and accuracy, the Profibac is the ideal machine. Effective, light, efficient and compact, it is your on-site friend.

    The hand operated roll former forms a single upstand for batten roll (80°) or standing seam (90°). Its design enables a quick adjustment to the sheet width and the height of the upstand. The machine is already equipped with stops adjusted to the two most frequent sheet widths (500mm and 650mm).

    • Rollers for vertical (standard) or angle upstand.
    • Compact and light-weight.
    • Simplified adjustment.
    • Less maintenance.
    • Easy to handle thanks to its two handles.
    • Folding feed guide to make it easier to carry.
    • Lap height adjustment from 35mm to 45mm.
    • As an option, the Profibac can also produce N°2 profile standing seams.
    • Copper (1/4 hardness) capacity: 0.6mm
    • Zinc capacity: 0.8mm
    • Aluminium (A5 1/2 hardness H24): 0.7mm
    • Steel (400N/mm˛) capacity: 0.6mm
    • Stainless steel (470N/mm˛) capacity: 0.4mm
    • Working width: 500mm to 650mm
    • Upstand height: 35mm to 45mm
    • Length: 0.782m
    • Width: 0.853m
    • Height: 0.64m
    • Weight: 70kg