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Dimos Sheet Metal Roofing Machinery

Dimos, founded in 1977 by Michel Goubaud, is a French family-owned company specialising in roofing equipment. Michel Goubaud was a roofer, inventor and innovator, who designed and produced many types of equipment to improve safety and productivity on building sites.

Since its creation 40 years ago, Dimos has innovated to enable roofers to work better and safer. Many of these innovations are now used on a daily basis by roofers.

"Our in-depth knowledge of the roofing business, our privileged relationship with roofers, and our technical expertise enable us to have a broad perspective not only of the constraints faced by roofers, but also of the most effective solutions to meet their needs."

Dimos offers a whole range of machines specifically developed for the roofing business to help professionals boost their productivity and enhance quality of workmanship.

(Code: Dimos-071252)
£ 173.00
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Dimos Triade Slitter Adaptor
Required to attach slitter to Dimos Triade Folding Machine.
(Code: Dimos-081490)
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Dimos LagoonBending machine ideal for all types of bends, including complex and non-standard bends.
(Code: Dimos-084513)
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Dimos Master-SHigh capacity workshop bending machine.
(Code: Dimos-083360)
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Dimos Manual Beading MachineManual machine that produces beads on sheet metal.
(Code: Dimos-083380)
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Dimos Motorised Beading MachineMotor-driven machine that produces beads on sheet metal.
(Code: Dimos-074050)
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Dimos Guillotine ShearManual guillotine shear, cuts sheet metal effortlessly in a straight line.
(Code: Dimos-074113)
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Dimos Motorised GuillotineMotorised guillotine shear, cuts sheet metal effortlessly in a straight line.