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Duo Vario-Bender

(Code: Draco-91545S8)
For bending thicker metals.
£ 856.00
£ 770.40
  1. Maybe you've been there? You want to form thicker metal than usual and it is not possible because the metal does not fit between the forming rollers. You know the bender would be strong enough, but the metal just does not physically fit. Now there is the new VARIO-BENDER VB200 with the infinitely adjustable top roller with the ability to insert thicker metal up to 2.0mm.

    Duo Bender
    Dräco Duo benders are unique because of the adapter system. Two Vario-Benders can be combined by an adapter. The Duo's slide easily through long sheets, but if you need to work on shorter sheets and need to put more detail work in it, it might be better to screw off the adapter and work with a single tool. Because you get two single tools, two colleagues can continue working with the benders.

    • Universal and mobile edging and forming of metal.
    • Manufacturing of various profiles, settings and counter settings.
    • Millimetre and inch scale.
    • Suspension eye for tool holder.
    • Handy, small in shape and price.

    How it's done
    Very simple. The following applies to all benders: Set the desired height by means of graduation and secure with the adjusting screw. Insert the metal between the bending rollers, with the single ball bearing pointing in the direction to be set. Now move the Bender, with gentle pressure upwards, forwards and backwards along the metal until the desired angle is reached. The result is precise and the metal is not damaged.
    • Aluminum, Copper, Zinc capacity: 2.0mm
    • Steel (400N/mm²) capacity: 0.7mm
    • Stainless steel (600N/mm²) capacity: 0.5mm
    • Lead capacity: 5.0mm
    • Bends from - to: 5mm - 200mm
    • Weight: 3.2kg
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