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Eco-Bender 3

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(Code: Draco-91545)
Bends from 0°-90°

Universal mobile bending tool to bend and form all kind of materials; straight, concave or convex.

Length :
  1. Bending from 0°-90°, bending height 5 - 200mm

    Universal mobile bending tool to bend and form all kind of materials straight, concave or convex. With 4 guide rollers the EcO-Bender offers you a stable guidance and an easy handling.

    Light-weight bender with 5 guide rollers and removeable ergonomic grip handle. Handle offers a convenient grip even when completely extended to 200mm. Solves many technical bending problems as upstands and counter forms without any scratch marks.

    This bender forms many profiles. Bending up and down, making under and over cloak (male and female), standing seam and many more. Bending height is continously adjustable (graduation in mm and inch). Inner and outer radii are possible, max. bending height depends on radius!

    By using an adapter two EcO-Benders can be connected to a Duo-EcO-Bender. This one is extremely comfortable when working on long and straight metal sheets.

  2. Steel capacity (400N/mm²): 0.7mm
    Stainless steel capacity (600N/mm²): 0.5mm
    Zinc, copper, aluminium capacity: 1mm
    Bends from - to: 5 - 200mm
    Weight: 2kg


Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Length : 200mm
Great tool and time saver. Bends metal sheet easily. This tool is a must-have for any tinsmith for termination pieces, joints and any part where measurement cannot be determined accurately as to have the pieces made on workshop and they have to be handmade on construction site.
Jaime A.