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HBM 310 Folding Machine

(Code: Schechtl-HBM310)
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Workshop manual bending machine.
  1. Workshop manual bending machine for use where electrical connection is not possible.

    Where it is impossible or inadvisable to use motorised machines, the HBM and HAare two particularly economic alternatives in the higher performance class of manual bending machines.

    • Can be used anywhere without electrical connection.
    • Wear and maintenance-free bearings and guides.

    • Comes with the following equipment as standard:
      • 1 sharp rail 20°, radius 1 mm, offset, 66/24 mm for clamping beam.
      • 1 insert rail each 68/10 mm and 68/24 mm for bending beam.
      • 1 support grid.
      • 1 foot pedal
    • Support grid with lateral back gauge – precise positioning of large-format workpieces.
    • Snap-in bending angle – precise.
    • Repeatable bending for small series and recurring single-piece production.
    • Lots of free space on bending beam - profiles with long limbs made easy.
    • All profile and insert rails can be exchanged on clamping, lower and bending beams - the right rail for every material.
    • Simple bending beam adjustment with scale.

    Optional Accessories
    • Roller shear RS or RSL - The weight balance of the roller shear is achieved by a gas spring and double pipe guide.
    • Manual back gauge 750mm with support grid and swiveling fingers.
    • Manual BV back gauge 750mm - front operated.
    • Beading roller with rolling rods - can be attached directly to the machine.
    • Tap wrench for HBM 310.
    • Different rails.

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  2. HBM 310
    • Working length: 3,100mm
    • Steel 400N/mm˛ capacity: 1.00mm
    • Aluminum 250N/mm˛ capacity: 1.50mm
    • Stainless steel 600N/mm˛ capacity: 0.80mm
    • Copper 300N/mm˛ capacity: 1.25mm
    • Zinc 150N/mm˛ capacity: 2.50mm
    • Length: 3,848mm
    • Depth (machine only): 828mm
    • Total height: 1,265mm
    • Clamping beam opening height: 130mm
    • Weight (HBM 310): 1,300kg
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