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Knoll Mobile Workshop

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The complete mobile workshop.
  1. The transportable KNOLL tinsmith’s workshop, which has been developed by experienced tinsmiths, has been successfully tried and tested at thousands of construction sites in Germany and elsewhere. You can carry out your complete job directly on the spot at the construction site and this gives you a huge competitive edge. You are flexible and save a lot of time because you no longer need to drive back and forth between the construction site and your workshop. The sophisticated layout and arrangement of the individual machines and tool components facilitates the work at the construction site considerably.

    You have everything you need with you: You pull the metal sheet from the uncoiling trough directly onto the cutting table, you cut it and process it directly on the large, extractable workbench. Thanks to the special shears joints and the narrow stainless steel rail, you can make the 180° folds in one work step with the 3.5m long KNOLL folding machine. The cutting head and the profiling head are always within reach during work. Make your daily work much easier with the great advantages of the mobile tinsmith’s workshop!

    The KNOLL folding machine – 180° - 3.5 m is the centerpiece of the mobile tinsmith’s workshop. It is made of an aluminum alloy with very high strength, and is therefore extremely lightweight and very stable.

    For a full overview of the many different uses and applications, as well as a complete list of options and accessories, please download the leaflet in the Downloads Tab.

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  2. Tandem trailer
    • Empty weight only trailer: 600kg
    • Empty weight standard version: 1050kg
    • Empty weight with profiling machine: 1300kg
    • Permissible total weight: 1700kg
    • Support load: 100kg
    • Flatbed dimensions: 4060 x 2100mm
    • Total height: 2150mm
    • Worktable height: 1120mm
    • Worktable surface: 2150 x 1030mm
    • Upgrading of the trailer to 100 km/h possible

    Folding machine
    • Folding & profiling length: 3.5m
    • Max bending angle: 180°
    • Metal sheet thickness: Al 1.0mm, Zn 0.8mm, Cu 0.8mm , steel 0.7mm (400 N/mm˛)
    • Weight: 320kg

    Folding machine 6C
    • Folding & profiling length: 3.5m
    • Max. bending angle: 180°
    • Max. bending angle: 155° for metal sheet thickness:
    • Metal sheet thickness: Al 1.5mm, Zn 1.5mm, Cu 1.0mm, steel 1.0mm (400 N/mm˛)
    • Weight: 400kg

    Supplementary products for the folding machine
    • KNOLL profiling head
    • KNOLL cutting head
    • KNOLL lead undulating device
    • KNOLL bulge coiling device / bulge adjustment unit
    • KNOLL depth control stop