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LBX 200 Folding Machine

(Code: Schechtl-LBX200)
Designed on-site use; light-weight and user-friendly.
Length :
£ 3,689.00
  1. The three LBX models are perfectly suited for 90% of all manual bending work on ceilings and exteriors. All three machines achieve identical, optimal bending values for every type of material. All you need to do is decide which working length is ideal for your requirements.

    • User-friendly - 1 worker is enough to execute all bending work in an ergonomically safe manner and with professional precision.
    • Easy to carry - 2 workers are enough to move the LBX 200/250 to a new location at a job site – no crane needed.

    • Complete with roller shear.
    • Standard equipment:
      • 1 sharp rail 20°, radius 1mm for clamping beam but can be exchanged with bending tools of a different radius. Alternatively the machine can be ordered with a built-in round rail radius 2mm.
      • 1 insert rail 15mm for bending beam (non-exchangeable).
      • 1 pair of foot stands.
      • 4 wheels (LBX 200 and LBX 250 only).
    • The handles on each side of the machine serve both as clamping levers and transportation grips.
    • Upper beam closes vertically so the metal doesn't slide forwards whilst being clamped. The clamping pressure of the upper beam can be adjusted on each side separately.
    • Bending beam with manual crowning system – good, uniform bending result throughout the entire working length.
    • The bending beam can be easily adjusted to different materials by a special adjusting screw to provide an optimum bending result.
    • Wear-free and maintenance-free roller bearings.

    Optional Accessories (contact us)
    • Manual back gauge with stop bar in 500mm or 750mm.
    • 1 pair of short "feet" (truck support stand) - ideal for installation on a work bench or on a construction vehicle.
    • Sharp rail 20° radius 2mm.
    • Round rail radius 2mm.
    • Round rail radius 2.5 mm.
    • Beading roller / rolling rods with different diameters & lengths (contact us) / tap wrench / support brackets.
    • Tarpaulin.
    • Working length: 2040mm
    • Steel 400N/mm˛ capacity: 0.63mm
    • Aluminum 250N/mm˛ capacity: 1.00mm
    • Stainless steel 600N/mm˛ capacity: 0.50mm
    • Copper 300N/mm˛ capacity: 0.80mm
    • Zinc 150N/mm˛ capacity: 1.00mm
    • Length: 2,340mm
    • Depth (machine only): 300mm
    • Total height: 1,075mm
    • Clamping beam opening height: 60mm
    • Weight (LBX): 139kg
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