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Metal Roofing Tool Kits

Sheet metal roofing tool kits

(Code: Toolkit 10)
Dimos Basic Tool Kit (special discounted price)
Nylon Wedge Mallet.
Seaming Hammer.
Pelican Snip 300mm Left Cut.
Pelican Snip 300mm Right Cut.
Combi Snip 270mm Left Cut.
Combi Snip 270mm Right Cut.
Round Nose Plier.
Small Curved Seaming Plier.
Marking Tool.
Bent Seaming Plier 90 Degree 60mm.
Bent Seaming Plier 45 Degree 60mm.
Corner Seaming Plier.
Straight Seaming Plier 40mm.
Includes FREE Tool Bag!
(Code: Toolkit 1)
Stubai Basic Tool Kit (special discounted price)
'The tool kit chosen by Craftsmen for Craftsmen'.

Marking Tool.
Punch Snip 300mm Left Cut.
Punch Snip 300mm Right Cut.
Curved Snip 250mm Left Cut.
Curved Snip 250mm Right Cut.
Pelican Snip 350mm Right Cut.
Small Curved Seaming Plier.
Round Nose Plier.
Corner Seaming Plier.
Angle Seaming Plier.
Bent Seaming Plier 45 Degree 60.
Bent Seaming Plier 90 Degree 60.
Nylon Wedge Mallet.
Square Hammer.
Dead Blow Hammer (Wiha).
(Code: Toolkit 6)
Stubai Intermediate Tool Kit (special discounted price)
Add on to basic tool kit.

Combi Snip 280mm Left Cut.
Combi Snip 280mm Right Cut.
Seam Opening Tool.
Dog Ear Tool.
Bow Dividers.
Sliding Bevel.
750mm Square.
Seaming Iron.
Upstand Plier.
(Code: Toolkit7)
Stubai Eaves & Seaming Tool Kit (special discounted price)

All you need for eaves and seam closing.

Drip Edge Bender.
Drip Edge Seamer.
Single Lock Seamer.
Double Lock Seamer.

(Code: Toolkit 8)
Snaplock® Tool Kit (special discounted price)
Marking Tool.
Combi Snip 280mm Left Cut.
Combi Snip 280mm Right Cut.
Small Curved Seaming Plier.
Angle Seaming Plier.
Masc Nibbler.
Bent Seaming Plier 100mm
Drip Edge Seamer
Square Hammer.
Upstand Plier.
(Code: Toolkit 5)
Malco Tool Kit (special discounted price)
Great universal metal roofing tool kit.

Andy Combination Snip.
Max Aviation Snip Left Cut.
Max Aviation Snip Right Cut.
Max Offset Snip Left Cut.
Max Offset Snip Right Cut.
Redline Hand Seamer 80mm.
Redline Offset Hand seamer 80mm.
Redline Hand Seamer 150mm.
Straight Seaming Tongs.
Offset Seaming Tongs.
Redline 'V' Notcher.

(Code: Toolkit 3)
Rau Eaves and Seaming Tool Kit (special discounted price)All you need for eaves and seam closing.

Eaves Edger TK.
Double Eaves Edger TSCH.
Squareseam Folder WFSCH.
Twin Squareseam Folder WDF.
(Code: Draco-91545SET2)
Eco-Bender & Single Disc-Bender SetEco-Bender 3/200.
Single Disc-Bender.
FOC Ruler, Pencil, Gloves & Carry case.
(Code: Draco-91545SET3)
Eco-Bender, Single Disc-Bender Set & Flange Curve Bender SetEco-Bender 3/200.
Single Disc-Bender.
Flange & Curve Bender (25mm)
FOC Ruler, Pencil, Gloves & Carry case.