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Rau Square Seam Folder WFSCH SS EDP1119

Stainless steel tool for closing the single lock standing seam.

£ 277.00
  1. When working with stainless steel sheets, always use Rau tools made from stainless steel to avoid extraneous rust.

    The Rau Stainless Steel Square Seam Folder is used to close the single lock standing seam. The smooth transition of the blades prevent marring. The ergonomic arrangement of the handles makes the tool particularly user-friendly. It shows its full strength in angle seam façades.

    • Made from stainless steel to avoid extraneous rust when working with stainless steel sheets.
    • Easy closing of vertical as well as horizontal seams to be locked.
    • Works on both 25mm and 38mm high standing seams.
    Pre-profiled sheet
    Profiles placed one inside the other
    Angled standing seam
    Closing the profile with the WFSCH
    • Closing length: 220mm
    • Overall length: 390mm
    • Height: 50mm
    • Weight: 4kg
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