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Single Lock Handseamer K8N

(Code: Draco-91530)
Closes the single lock standing seam.
£ 208.00
  1. Closes the single lock standing seam.

    • Ideal for start-up connections and hard-to-reach places i.e. wherever you can't reach with the electric seaming machines and still want to work quickly.
    • Easy and fast closing thanks to the DRACO profile in profile system. This unique hinge mechanism ensures an ideal power transfer over the entire locking length and guarantees a perfectly closed seam through the tight pressure.
    • Closing length of 210mm.
    • No scratch marks to coated or painted material.
    • Light in weight.
    • Ideal for starting or ending the seam.
    • Minimal force required.
    • All parts are made from rust-free materials.
    • Anodised for hardness.

    Looking for a longer angle-blush? Then look at the Draco Single Lock Handsemaer K8NL with a closing length of 350mm per stroke.

    Special lengths are also available on request.
    • Stainless steel capacity: 0.5mm
    • Aluminium, copper, zinc, steel capacity: 0.8mm
    • Steel, Plasticol capacity: 0.8mm
    • Length: 255mm
    • Width: 260 - 430mm
    • Closing length: 210mm
    • Weight: 2.1kg
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