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Standard Snips

Completely forged, exceptionally robust and 100% reliable! The "green" range of snips are made from standard quality steel with a minimum hardness (Rockwell C) of 56. Bessey have a large selection of Erdi standard snips so you are guaranteed to find the right blade shape and cutting grade for your requirements. We have regular deliveries from Bessey, so should you need any tools that are not listed on our website, please contact us and we can order them in for you.
Your benefits at a glance:
  1. Forged cutter head and handle
    Cutter head and handle are drop-forged as a single unit. This is what makes them so robust and reliable.

  2. Induction hardened cutting edges
    Extra hard cutting edges guarantee more increased durability and optimal cutting results.

  3. Bolted joint
    All conventional metal snips can be disassembled for easy sharpening, thus extending their service life!
(Code: Erdi-D107-250L)
£ 18.44
Erdi Standard Punch Snips 250mm
For short, straight & curved cuts.
(Code: D107-300L)
£ 22.05
(-20.00%) £ 17.64
Erdi Standard Punch Snips 300mm
For short, straight & curved cuts.
(Code: Erdi-D116-280L)
£ 36.30
Erdi Standard Combination Snips 280mm
For continuous, straight & curved cuts.
(Code: Erdi-D118-300)
£ 30.39
(-20.01%) £ 24.31
Erdi Standard Pelican Shear 300mm
For long, straight and continuous cuts.
(Code: Erdi-D118-350)
£ 35.57
(-20.02%) £ 28.45
Erdi Standard Pelican Shear 350mm
For long, straight & continuous cuts.