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TruTool C 160 Li-Ion Cordless Slitting Shear

(Code: TRU-1907694)
Ideal for straight, distortion-free cuts and C-L-U profiles.
£ 708.27
£ 637.45
  1. The 10.8V battery machine without chip clipper is particularly well-suited to cutting tasks without chip clipping during the cutting process. For example, if you are cutting straight sheets into sections or for curved cutting (with optional cutters). Ideal for straight, distortion-free cuts and C-L-U profiles. The 10.8V rechargeable battery provides an above-average runtime. The 2 Ah battery cuts around 70 metres in 400 N/mm˛ mild steel at a sheet thickness of 0.8mm.

    • Optional Cutters for Many Applications
      The machine comes with a standard integrated straight cutter for straight cuts in 1mm - 1.6mm thickness (mild steel). However we also offer 3 other cutters to suit your needs:

      • The CR cutter - ideal for processing stainless steel.
      • The curve cutter - provides outstanding performance for cutting curves.
      • There is also an additional straight cutter - for processing thin sheets of up to 1mm.

      A quick-release locking bolt enables you to change the cutter quickly and easily without the need for tools. If you require any of these optional cutters, please contact us for prices and lead times. You can also download the product leaflet for more technical information and other accessories.

    • Battery Technology
      Individual electronic cell monitoring in the machine and in the recharger protects the battery against overload, overheating and deep discharge. The robust battery cells have a low energy drop and always remain cool. A microprocessor analyses the battery data and controls an optimal charge and discharge process. The result is high power combined with a long service life for the battery.

    • Power-Head Technology
      In combination with a battery-optimised light-metal gear head, the latest Li-ion battery forms the basis for the 10.8V machines. The sophisticated details in the gear head are tailored to the voltage of the battery. The powerful 10.8V battery is therefore easily comparable to a 14.4V battery.

    • Compact, Lightweight and Compatible
      The 10.8V battery machines are unrivalled in terms of their light weight, and their design is compact and ergonomic. This gives you a unique level of operator convenience and the utmost mobility. A soft grip on the motor housing ensures a secure hold and enables low-vibration operation. The 10.8V Li-ion rechargeable batteries can be combined with all current TRUMPF battery machines and the recharger in their voltage class.

    • Optimal Working Speed
      You can use the speed controller to adjust the working speed to suit the individual cutting task. This provides a variable cutting speed of up to 9 metres per minute. The speed controller is highly efficient for work with scribed lines or with a template. It is also well-suited to frequent processing of radii and stainless steel. The electronic overload protection offers yet another notable benefit.

    Price includes: Integrated straight cutter, 2Ah rechargeable battery 10.8V (2 units), recharger 100 240V including cable, belt clip & TRUMPF box.
    • Steel capacity (400N/mm˛): 1.6mm
    • Stainless steel capacity (600N/mm˛): 1.2mm
    • Aluminium capacity (250N/mm˛): 2mm
    • Smallest radius: 90mm
    • Working speed: 5m/min - 9m/min
    • Idle run stroke rate: 4,300/min
    • Minimum starting hole diameter:15mm
    • Voltage: 10.8V
    • Weight (with 2 Ah rechargeable battery): 1.4kg
    • Dimensions (mm):