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(Code: Malco-TS1)
Cuts straight or to the left in round or square sections of sheet metals.
£ 63.50
  1. This rugged but inexpensive accessory cuts straight and to the left and is capable of navigating tight curved patterns and squares in heavy 1.02mm galvanised steel. Blind cuts require only a 13mm starting hole. Cutting applications include both ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metals, metal roofing/building panels, vinyl, steel mesh, ductwork, even the thick metal of furnace jackets, equipment enclosures or automotive body panels.

    An offset design keeps both hands away from work surface. Long-wearing hardened jaws are also replaceable. The TurboShear requires two hands to operate and features a handle to keep the cutting head in position.

    For premium performance without the premium price of a dedicated power shear, TurboShear is an easy addition to every tool bag.

    • Inserts into chuck of A/C or cordless drill.
    • Offset design saves hands.
    • Navigates tight patterns and square cuts.
    • Cuts a variety of building materials.
    • 20 gauge capacity in galvanised steel.
    • Cut-away view.
    • Galv steel capacity: 1.02mm
    • Stainless steel capacity: 0.63mm
    • Cold rolled steel capacity: 0.91mm
    • Aluminium capacity: 1.2mm
    • Copper capacity: 1.27mm
    • Drill Requirements: Min 1/4 in (6.35mm) Chuck, Min 14.4 V-DC/Max 7 A-AC
    • Weight: 0.74kg
  2. #FAQS# What materials will the turbo shear cut?

    The TS1 cuts 1.02mm galvanised steel (HVAC duct work, auto body panels), 0.63mm non hardened carbon steel and stainless steel (metal roofing panels), 1.2mm aluminum (trim coil, flashing) and 1.27mm copper (metal roofing, gutters).

    How clean is the cut?

    The TS1 will make clean cuts throughout the range of thicknesses of material listed above. The tool will need to be adjusted when going from very thin to thick material and vice versa.

    How do you adjust the tool to get the optimum cut?

    The clearance between the cutting jaws is adjustable in order to achieve the optimum cut for thick or thin material. To adjust, locate the 3/16” set screw on the back of the tool, towards the front of the tool near the jaws. Turn it clockwise to tighten the gap of the jaws for thinner material or counterclockwise to make the gap of the jaws larger for thicker material.
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